´╗┐My Life Has Already Changed

I received a text message this weekend which I failed to acknowledge. I couldn’t decide whether the sender was incredibly stupid or simply insensitive. Had I been able to decide, I’m not sure I would have known what to say.

She thought that I would be amused by a meme about Hillary Clinton going to prison.

Really? Did she fail to realize that only a mysogynist Trump supporter would be amused by that? Did she fail to grasp the simple fact that I am not a Trump supporter, and unlike her, I stand in solidarity with other women so that we are not victimized by the kind of thinking which condones sexually assaulting women?

With the meme, she sent a quip (which I can’t quote verbatim because I deleted it to remove the temptation to use the sharp tongue I inherited from my dad). She wrote something to the effect that my life wouldn’t change as a result of the election. She either hasn’t checked the news since the election — or has managed to ignore the stories which don’t fit into her view of the world. My world has already changed.

Here are a few of the headlines from today alone:

  • Hate, harassment incidents spike since Trump election (CBS – credible news source)
  • Alt-Right Exults in Washington with a Salute of “Heil Victory” (New York Times – credible news source) [In case the sender of this weekend’s text message is as ignorant of history as she is of the news: the Nazis used the salute “Heil Hitler” and killed millions in gas chambers.]
  • The election is getting people uninvited to Thanksgiving (USA Today – credible news source)
  • Trump’s business empire raises concerns about foreign influence (Washington Post — credible news source)

This election wasn’t about business-as-usual politics. This election, more than ever before, was about values. Human decency vs. greed. Love vs. hate. Hope vs. fear.

Fortunately, I’ve read and watched “Lord of the Rings.” Fortunately, I have lived the passion of Christ more than once in my live. Fortunately, I know that darkness is not dark to the God who is love (Psalms 139:12). I will fast and I will pray for our nation, and the people of our nation, but I will not turn a blind eye.

I will not pretend that life has not changed. I will bear witness, and I will use my First Amendment rights over and over again to do so.