5 thoughts on “Where did you spend your honeymoon?

  1. Hellow

    I work for a computer training firm, and millions of yahoo mail users (and increasing) have encountered the very same scenario.

    They were asked where did they spend their honeymoon, and ALL the victims claimed THEY DID NOT SELECT THAT SECURITY QUESTION while opening their now blocked accounts.

    I am happy for you that you are able to access your account, but there are millions of people who need help to access their accounts as well.

    Whatever you did to gain access to your account, I would ask you to remember them too.

  2. Interesting story! I am also having the same problem- I am asked that same question of “Where did you spend your honeymoon.” What button did you click that lead you to access your account. Please help

    • I hope you’ve gotten into your account because I honestly don’t remember how I got into my account. I just remember a frustrating three days. I have wondered at times if it was a ploy Yahoo! used to get my phone number because once I provided that, I got back into my account.

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